Jefferson Regional Introduces Robotic Arm for Knee Surgery

Apr 11, 2022 at 03:55 pm by admin

PINE BLUFF - Jefferson Regional in Pine Bluff has announced the addition of the Mako SmartRobotics system for total knee replacements.

In clinical studies, Mako Total Knee demonstrated the potential for patients to experience less pain, less need for pain medication, less need for inpatient physical therapy, shorter hospital stays, improved knee flexion and soft tissue protection in comparison to manual techniques.

Roy Burrell, M.Da. of Jefferson Regional Orthopaedics and Spine, is now offering the Mako system to his patients. A Mako 3-D CT scan allows the creation of a personalized surgical plan based on each patient's unique anatomy said Burrell. However, if needed, adjustments can be made during the procedure while guiding the robotic arm. This technology allows for a more predictable surgical experience with increased precision and accuracy.

Jefferson Regional Orthopaedic and Spine is located in the Jefferson Professional Center One, 1609 West 40th Avenue in Pine Bluff.

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