Mayo Clinic and Mercy Reach First Major Milestone in Data Collaboration

Jun 19, 2024 at 03:16 pm by PEPPERARK

Decades of data can now be used to pinpoint diseases earlier and transform healthcare
ST. LOUIS — Mayo Clinic and Mercy are making a significant advancement in their global, first-of-its-kind 10-year collaboration agreement signed in the summer of 2022. As founding members of Mayo Clinic Platform Connect, the two organizations will now be working together to analyze de-identified patient data as they search for new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent disease, providing better outcomes and lower costs of care.
Mayo Clinic Platform Connect is a distributed data network that provides secure access to de-identified clinical data. Previously, Mercy and Mayo Clinic could use Connect to analyze data from their own organizations, but as of today, each organization can safely and securely analyze de-identified patient data from either health system. This significantly larger data set allows researchers and innovators to better identify risk factors, predict illnesses and provide earlier treatment with the potential to positively impact millions of patients' lives. 
"Mayo Clinic Platform is enabling innovation to change how care is provided. At its core, Platform relies on our distributed data network to make available data that has depth, breadth and spread, and which can help create new ways to diagnose, treat and care for patients no matter where in the world they might live. Today represents a significant milestone, demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming healthcare," said John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform.
Mayo Clinic Platform recently announced the addition of three healthcare organizations to its global collaboration: Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea, Singapore's SingHealth and UC Davis Health in California. This expansion brings the total number of Mayo Clinic Platform Connect members to eight, including founding members Mayo Clinic and Mercy, Brazil's Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Israel's Sheba Medical Center and Canada's University Health Network, who joined in 2023. The alliance now spans seven countries across three continents, representing diversity in genetics, demographics and lifestyles to provide a massive repository of analyzable data.
"This is a major step toward moving healthcare from being reactive to proactively addressing the biggest concerns of patients and the communities we serve," said Joe Kelly, executive vice president, chief transformation officer for Mercy. "This unprecedented data set allows us to harness the power of artificial intelligence to develop algorithms and validate treatment plans effectively for complex patient populations. These algorithms, integrated directly into everyday clinical workflows, can help us predict the likelihood of chronic diseases and help to better proactively assist patients earlier in their care, improving outcomes and reducing costs for both patients and health systems."
Each organization will be able to look for trends, indicators, risk factors and more while retaining control over its de-identified outcomes through Mayo Clinic Platform's Data Behind Glass[1] approach. Mayo Clinic and Mercy will develop products, algorithms and tools for their health systems that can be made available to other health systems for use in the same transformative way, potentially impacting the practice of medicine across the globe.
"After more than a year in development, we now have a platform that permits insights from Mercy's own data and that of Mayo Clinic. This data will improve patients' lives by helping us find diseases earlier and supporting more personalized care," said Byron Yount, chief data and AI officer for Mercy. "This will significantly deepen partnerships, broaden the scope of discovery, quicken the speed of innovation and ultimately improve care for patients everywhere. We are already learning with our new health care collaborators and reimagining how we approach health care challenges and opportunities. The way we produce the world’s most impactful solutions is evolving, and Mayo Clinic Platform is going to enable it."
 [1] Trademark Pending
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