AIM Applauds Gov. Sanders for Launch of New Arkansas Strategic Committee for Maternal Health

Mar 08, 2024 at 12:14 am by Staff



LITTLE ROCK – Gov. Sanders has signed an executive order creating her administration’s first maternal health steering committee – the Arkansas Strategic Committee for Maternal Health. The committee will be led by top Arkansas health officials, including Secretary of Health Renee Mallory, Secretary of Human Services Kristi Putnam, Surgeon General Dr. Kay Chandler and others. 

The Arkansas Strategic Committee for Maternal Health will begin its efforts by implementing a pilot program targeting five counties suffering from the highest maternal mortality rates in the state – Crittenden, Garland, Phillips, Polk and Scott – to help increase access to current and existing resources. In addition, the group will help raise maternal health awareness and education through a statewide PSA campaign and work to increase prenatal and postnatal care visits. 

“Today’s announcement of a new maternal health working group demonstrates that mothers and families here in Arkansas are a top priority for this administration and their voices are being heard,” said Ashley Bearden Campbell, executive director of AIM. “We applaud Gov. Sanders for her commitment to improving maternal health in Arkansas and are eager to support this group as they take on important issues that will drive meaningful change in our families and communities. We agree with Gov. Sanders – healthier moms mean healthier babies.”

Arkansans for Improving Maternal Health (AIM) is a nonprofit organization that strives to raise public awareness, cultivate champions for change and spur action around the issue of maternal health in Arkansas. The organization advocates for policies to address existing gaps in maternal health care – before, during and after pregnancy – and create an environment where every mother and baby have the opportunity to thrive. AIM believes that strengthening maternal health care in Arkansas will have long-term benefits for Arkansas families, communities and the economy. For more information, visit

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